Pendelton State University
Category: Learning center
Country: United States of America
State: Ohio
City: Rutherford
1st appearance: 3rd Rock from the Sun: Brains and Eggs

Pendelton State University is a fictional learning center featured in the 1996-2001 NBC television series 3rd Rock from the Sun. It is the principal setting of the show.

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Pendelton is a state university located in the suburban town of Rutherford, Ohio. Alien High Commander Dick Solomon came to Earth on a mission to learn about the planet's people and culture and accepted a teaching position at Pendelton where he became a Physics professor. He shared an office with Anthropology professor Mary Albright, whom he fell madly in love with. While Dick was well-liked by many of his peers, despite his aloof nature, Mary felt that she had not earned the respect of the older tenure professors - a fact that caused her a great amount of consternation. Despite this however, Mary was eventually made Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. Mary's professional assistant at Pendelton was Nina Campbell who also attended the school as a student. Other students at the school include Bug Pollone, Aubrey Pitman, Caryn and the inept Leon. Some of the more notable staff members at the university include Doctor Judith Draper, professor of Women's Studies and Professor Suter, an elderly man whom Dick enjoyed joking around with.

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  • When one of the more obnoxious professors from Pendelton passed away, Dick solomon was asked to say some kind words at his funeral. [2]

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