María José "Pepa" Agudo is a Spanish voice actress. She has a prestigious career in the Spanish anime scene, having the interesting distinction of gaining her Star-Making Role in her very first one, Rei Hino from Sailor Moon, who became synonimous with her through the years, as Pepa was her only voice in a dubbing full of changes and replacements. She was also Shaoran Li in Cardcaptor Sakura, giving him a voice almost as known in Spain as it was Sakura. Agudo is pretty much Arait Multimedia's do-it-everything actress, having 1000 voices and practically no discernible pigeonholing, so she often voices multiple characters in a single work.

Notable roles by Pepa Agudo:Edit


Western AnimationEdit

Video GamesEdit

Tropes that apply to Pepa Agudo:Edit

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