The Phoenix Police Department is an actual law-enforcement agency whose jurisdiction comprises the city of Phoenix in the U.S. state of Arizona. The department was formed in 1881 and evolved from the previous Phoenix City Marshals office. Its jurisdiction covers 516 square miles. Like all police departments, the Phoenix Police Department is made up of several divisions including administration, uniform patrol, Homicide, Vice, Major Crimes, etc.

Fictionalized versions of the Phoenix Police Department have been represented in TV shows such as Medium. One of the main characters on the series, Lee Scanlon, is a detective for the Homicide division of the Phoenix Police Department. He regularly coordinates his efforts with the District Attorney's Office, under D.A. Manuel Devalos. Allison Dubois, a special consultant for the D.A.'s office, also collaborates on cases with the Phoenix Police Department.

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Lee Scanlon Medium

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