A pig farm is a farm where pigs are raised. On the MTV series Scream, the character of Troy James lived on a pig farm on the outskirts of Lakewood. The farm was located on Pikeview Road. The Ghostface killer captured Jake Fitzgerald and slaughtered him inside of a barn on the farm. (Scream: Psycho) Noah Foster was captured and buried alive in a coffin. He was buried inside the barn that Jake was murdered in. (Scream: The Vanishing) The killer then baited Quinn Maddox out out to the farm to square up a deal. He impaled Maddox with a pitchfork and let him bleed out. Emma Duval and Audrey Jensen found him and got blood on their hands. The police found Emma holding the weapon and they were arrested. (Scream: Heavenly Creatures)

Appearances Edit

  1. Scream: Psycho
  2. Scream: The Vanishing
  3. Scream: Heavenly Creatures

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