Pilar McCawley
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Pilar McCawley
Aliases: Pilar
Series: Defiance
Gender: Female
Notability: Recurring character
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Relatives: See family
Status: Deceased
Died: 2048
First: "Bottom of the World"
Actor: Linda Hamilton

Pilar McCawley is a fictional human antagonist and a recurring character on the Syfy series Defiance. Played by actress Linda Hamilton, she first appeared in the season two episode, "Bottom of the World".

Biography Edit

Pilar McCawley was the former wife of Rafe McCawley and lived near the area of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She bore three children with Rafe; Luke McCawley, Quentin McCawley and Christie McCawley. After Christie was born, Pilar suffered some form of post-partum depression and tried to poison her children. Afterward, she was sent to a mental health facility run by Castithans. Rafe took the children and left for parts unknown, ultimately settling down in Defiance, Missouri. The children grew up believing that their mother had died. [1]

As time passed, Quentin learned the truth about Pilar and made secret trips to visit her. Pilar knew that she could count on Quentin to help her out in her present situation. She eventually came to Defiance, where she found that Christie was now married to a Castithan youth named Alak Tarr and was pregnant with his child. Determined to preserve her own sense of family, she kidnapped Christie and Alak and left Defiance. [2]

She returned to a cabin she once owned in the hills of Oklahoma where Alak was kept chained up as a prisoner. Christie gave birth to her child, who was named Luke after her brother (who had since died in the intervening years). In her own twisted way, Pilar did whatever she could for the sanctity of her grandchild, and was not above committing murder to keep the child safe. [3]

Seven months after Luke was born, members of the Votanis Collective led by General Rahm Tak swept through the area on their way to Defiance. Rafe, Christie and Quentin were murdered by Rahm Tak's henchmen (as well as Stahma Tarr), but Pilar managed to escape with Alak and the baby. They came to an RV owned by an elderly couple, and Pilar shot them down in cold blood in order to lay claim to their shelter and belongings. The following night, Pilar sneaked away from the camper with the child, leaving Alak behind. [4]

Pilar eventually came upon Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira, who were heading towards Tulsa in search of General Rahm Tak. Pilar labored under the premise of being an ally, but at the first given opportunity, she drew Nolan's own gun on him and tried to kill him. Nolan, ever an untrusting individual, made sure that the weapon was inoperative. Afterward, he shot Pilar in the throat. [5]

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  • It is possible that Pilar may have been named for Pilar Gutierrez, who is a Project Manager of Creative Services for Human Head Studios for the Defiance video game.

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