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3rd Rock from the Sun 1x01 001

"Brains and Eggs"; a screenshot from the pilot episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Pilot refers to the premiere episode of a television series. Pilot episodes are submitted to networks for consideration and based upon the results from test audiences, the networks decide whether the pilot should be extended into a full television program. Many pilots are rejected and asked to be resubmitted for a wide variety of reasons. In such cases, a second pilot episode may be produced, which in turn becomes the first official episode of the series.

Many shows have original unaired pilot episodes that are not considered part of the internal canon of the storylines. Some of these pilots are so radically different that they even have different cast members. 30 Rock, Star Trek, Charmed and Angel are all examples of shows that have original unaired pilots.

Some pilots never become shows at all. Two of DC Comics' superhero properties, Aquaman and Wonder Woman produced pilot episodes in the 2000s, but neither project was picked up by the networks.

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Pilot is also the name of a character as well as an alien species featured in the 1999-2003 science fiction television series Farscape. Pilot was a giant puppet character who was operated by puppeteers from Jim Henson's Creature Workshop and was voiced by New Zealand actor Lani Tupu. Pilot appeared in all 88 episodes of the series and was also featured in the 2004 miniseries Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

Characters Edit

Character Series
Doyle Redfern The Strain
Frank Mitchell Stargate SG-1
Howie Munson The Fall Guy
Ted Ryan Bionic Woman

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This section deals with characters in TV shows who are pilots.

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