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Pine Vista Country Club
Category: Business
Continent: North America
State: Georgia
Notable apperances: The Walking Dead
1st appearance: "Still"

The Pine Vista Country Club is a fictional recreational club featured in the AMC survival horror television series The Walking Dead. It appeared in the twelfth episode of season four, "Still".

Description & History Edit

The Pine Vista Country Club was a country club and golf course located somewhere in rural Georgia. In the years following the zombie outbreak, many of the club members and staff became walkers. The club was overrun and a sort of class warfare broke out between the wealthy members of the club and the staff. Three club members were hung inside one of the main building's halls. The half-body of a female walker was placed on top of a set of mannequin legs with a sign attached to her that read, "Rich Bitch".

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Who says golfing isn't a contact sport?

Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene came upon the country club looking for shelter. They immediately found the three walkers suspended from nooses and Daryl finished them off. They also found several more bodies in a smaller cabin laying on the floor with gunshot wounds to the head. The words "Welcome to the dogtrot" was found written upon the floor.

While Daryl scavenged the building looking for items of value (including money, which makes for good kindling), Beth came upon the lounge. She had mentioned earlier that she had never had a real drink and wanted one. The only bottle she found still intact was some peach schnapps, but all of the unbroken glasses at the bar were bloodstained. Darryl took the bottle from her, smashed it on the floor and told her that her first drink was not going to be peach schnapps.

Daryl and Beth had to fight up against some walkers at this point. Daryl took out some of his aggression on an undead club member by smashing him in the head repeatedly with a golf club. Once they cleared the place of walkers and salvaged whatever valuables they could find, they went on their way.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • At one point, Daryl passes some time by throwing darts at framed photographs of valued club members that is one the wall. One of the photographs is that of John Sanders who is the Prop Master on the show. [1][2]
  • The class rivalry between the staff and club members is not demonstrated in the episode itself, but is revealed in the March 2nd episode of Talking Dead, which aired after "Still".

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