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Piper Shaw
Scream 1x08 002
Piper Shaw
Aliases: Ghostface
Series: Scream: The Series
Gender: Female
Notability: Supporting character
Occupation: Reporter
Location: Lakewood, California
Relatives: Maggie Duval [1]
Brandon James [2]
Status: Deceased
Born: 1995
Died: 2015
First: "Pilot"
Final: "Revelations"
Actor: Amelia Rose Blaire

Piper Shaw is a fictional reporter and a supporting character featured in the Scream: The Series television program, which began airing on MTV in June, 2015. The character technically appeared in the pilot episode of the series, but actress Amelia Rose Blaire did not appear on the show until episode 1x02, "Hello, Emma".

Biography Edit

Piper Shaw was a young twenty-year-old woman who worked as an internet blogger and amateur investigative reporter in Lakewood, California. Following the gruesome murder of high school student Nina Patterson, Piper began keeping close tabs on the students at George Washington High School, as well as the town sheriff. She formed a friendship with Emma Duvall, who became the target of an unending and brutal game of cat and mouse between herself and the Ghostface killer. Emma would eventually discover that it was Piper herself who was the killer, targeting those closest to Emma with the aid of a mysterious accomplice.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Piper Shaw is an analog for Gale Weathers, who was the ambitious reporter from the Scream film series. Unlike Piper however, Gale was not one of the Ghostface killers, nor was she ever even a suspect.

Appearances Edit

  1. Scream: Pilot (As Ghostface only)
  2. Scream: Hello, Emma. (1st as Piper)
  3. Scream: Wanna Play a Game?
  4. Scream: Aftermath
  5. Scream: Exposed
  6. Scream: Betrayed
  7. Scream: In the Trenches
  8. Scream: Ghosts
  9. Scream: The Dance
  10. Scream: Revelations (Revealed as killer; Shot in the face)
  11. Scream: Psycho (In Emma's hallucination only)
  12. Scream: The Orphanage (As a corpse only)
  13. Scream: The Vanishing (As a corpse only)

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  2. Father; allegedly deceased