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A platypus is an Australian semi-aquatic animal.

Platypus may also refer to:

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Biology[edit] Platypus (weevil), a weevil genus in the subfamily Platypodinae Platypus, a taxonomic synonym of the orchid genus Eulophia Zacco platypus, the pale chub, a freshwater fish indigenous to China.

Music[edit] Platipus Records, a record label Platypus (band), a progressive rock / jazz-fusion supergroup Flobots Present... Platypus, an album Platypus (I Hate You), a song by Green Day "Platypus", a song from the album Disco Volante, by the band Mr. Bungle The Subways, an English indie rock band (earlier name)

Other[edit] Platypus (game), a horizontal shoot-em-up game and its sequel Perry the Platypus Platypus Trophy, a trophy awarded to the winner of the Oregon–Oregon State college football game PLATYPUS - Reflectometer Platypus (glider), the Australian-designed Schneider ES-65 glider Sukhoi Su-34, a Russian 2-seat fighter-bomber (nickname) Platypus (bullion coin), an Australian platinum bullion coin The Platypus Amphibious Jeep, a road/off-road/water vehicle by the Australian firm Amphibious Vehicle Design Studio

Perry the Platypus

Phineas and Ferb character Color drawing of Perry the Platypus, standing upright, wearing a hat Perry as "Agent P"

First appearance "Rollercoaster" (2007)

Last appearance "The O.W.C.A Files" (2015)

Created by Dan Povenmire Jeff "Swampy" Marsh

Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Thomas Sangster, who plays Ferb, is notoriously good at making the noise and is considered second only to Baker himself.[30] When in his "Agent P" persona, Perry is almost completely silent.

Jennifer Hale Sings the Music For Him aka Perry Ashley Tisdale Also Did Him in 1 or 2 Episodes 1 is where Candace switched souls with Perry when Phineas and Ferb made that hoop switch for teleportation! and others probally also did him in the pliot episodes Puss Related To Cats because the Way Dan Povenmire and Ashley Tisdale Do Doof and Just The Way People Call Cats Pussies