Chief O'Hara
Police Chief
Classification: Occupation
Associated genres: All genres
Character examples: Chief O'Hara; Nick Monohan
Related articles: Chief Constable; Police officer

A Police Chief, or Chief of Police, is in charge of a police department.

Appearances Edit

  1. Adventures of Superboy: Unaired Pilot
  2. Adventures of Superboy: The Spy from Outer Space (Part 1)
  3. Batman: Hi Diddle Riddle
  4. Batman: Smack in the Middle
  5. Batman: Fine Feathered Finks

Characters Edit

Character Series
Chief O'Hara Batman
Nick Monohan The Gates

Notes Edit

  • Actor Robert Williams played Police Chief Parker in the unaired pilot episode for an Adventures of Superboy live-action television series in 1961 that never materialized.

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