"Since the beginning of time, mankind has existed between the World of Light, and the World of Darkness. Our secret society has been here forever. Protecting others from the creatures who inhabit the shadows and the night. Known only to the initiated by our true name... The Legacy."
Derek Rayne

"The Fifth Sepulcher" is the two-hour pilot episode of the occult-themed supernatural drama series Poltergeist: The Legacy. It was directed by Stuart Gillard and written by Brad Wright based on a story treatment by series creator Richard B. Lewis. It first aired on Showtime on April 21st, 1996.

In this episode, Derek Rayne - precept of the San Francisco chapter of the Legacy has flashbacks of his teenage years when his father took him to Peru in 1969 in search of five mystic sepulchers, each one containing the powerful spirit of an angel or a demon. In the present, psychiatrist Rachel Corrigan and her eight-year-old daughter, Katherine discover the fifth sepulcher, but an antiques dealer unwittingly opens it, setting loose a powerful demon. Derek Rayne calls together the members of the Legacy to stop the threat.

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  • This episode had a special running time of 120 minutes.

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  • The Golden Gate Bridge is seen during the opening sequence of the episode only as part of an establishing shot to show that San Francisco is the central setting for the series.
  • The flashback scenes from this episode take place in Chipote, Peru in the year 1969.
  • It is implied that Derek Rayne is 15-years-old in the 1969 flashback. This episode also establishes that the main events take place in the current year, when Rayne states that his father died some twenty-years ago. This makes Derek's year of birth 1954.

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  • Winston Rayne: When I was fifteen, I wanted to be an archaeologist and I stuck to it. I could read and write Latin, ancient Hebrew... AND Greek.
  • Derek Rayne: I guess that about makes you God, doesn't it?


  • Derek Rayne: Five fallen angels... who wreaked havoc by mating with the very women they were supposed to protect. It was the druids who finally subdued and imprisoned them... in these chests.
  • Nick Boyle: You said there were five chests. There's only four here.
  • Derek Rayne: My father died in vain retrieving this one, and after that the burden of finding the others fell to me. I spent all my life uncovering three more, but to destroy them we need all five together. And tonight... tonight I had a vision of the missing one.

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Since the beginning of time,
Mankind has existed between
The World of Light
and the World of Darkness.
Our Secret Society has been
here forever. Protecting others
from the creatures who inhabit
the shadows and the night.

Known only to the initiated
by our true name,

The Legacy

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