The Port of Los Angeles is a harbor complex located in Los Angeles County. It is an office of the City of Los Angeles and is an adjunct of the Los Angeles Harbor Department. It is located in San Pedro Bay, south of downtown. In the FOX Network television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Port of Los Angeles was used as the staging ground for a team of mercenaries to hijack a shipment of Coltan. Coltan was a metallic alloys used in the manufacturing of endoskeletal structures used in the production of T-888 Terminator units. Sarah Connor, John Connor and Cameron Phillips went to the Port of Los Angles to investigate and found that the normal warehouse workers had been rendered unconscious. They incapacitated a security guard, but made a strategic retreat once they realized that the merc group was being led by a Terminator. Despite their plans to withdrawal, John Connor sneaked back inside and hid within one of the trucks containing the Coltan. The truck took off and left the port bound for Depot 37 at the McGuire Gunnery Range. (Terminator: Heavy Metal)

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