"South Will Rise Again" is the fifth episode of season one of the supernatural drama series Preacher. It was directed by Michael Slovis with a script written by Craig Rosenberg. It first aired on AMC on Sunday, June 26th, 2016 at 10:00 pm. In this episode, Jesse Custer has found himself to be a hit with the locals after his most recent sermon. Mysterious individuals vandalize Eugene Root's bedroom, causing his father great anguish. Tulip O'Hare learns that Cassidy is a vampire. Fiore and DeBlanc nervously prepare to answer the "God phone", and Odin Quincannon has a meeting with the Green Acres VPs, which leads to very unexpected results.

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  • This is the first episode of Preacher directed by Michael Slovis, who is also a co-executive producer on the series.

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At this point in the series, only Jesse Custer, Tulip O'Hare, Cassidy, Emily Woodrow, DeBlanc, Fiore and Hugo Root are the only main characters to appear in every episode.

  • This is the second appearance of The Cowboy, who appears in the 1881 flashback only. He appeared last in "See".

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  • The tavern that the Cowboy visits is called Cooley's.
  • Apparently Mexican scalps are greasier than Indian scalps. Who knew?
  • Oddly enough, this is the second episode in a row that involves Emily Woodrow's bathroom excursions. In "Monster Swamp", Jesse came to the house and her son told him that "she's pooping", just as Emily exited the bathroom, still zipping up her pants. In this episode, Tulip barges in on her while she is urinating.

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  • The title of this episode is spoken by Betsy Schenck who says it in an effort to cheer up her husband Donnie, who is still suffering psychological and physical pain after two altercations with Jesse Custer.
  • Macready makes reference to the Battle of Gettysburg in this episode.
  • The song that is playing when Jesse Custer is standing under the tree is "Heaven Says Hello" by Sonny James.
  • Reference is made to Tracy Loach in this episode, who is the comatose daughter of Terri Loach. It is heavily implied that Eugene Root is responsible for Tracy's condition, as evidenced by Terri repeatedly calling him a murderer.
  • Donnie Schenck makes reference to Linus Dilmoe in this episode. Linus is the school bus driver and pedophile that Jesse confronted in "See".

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  • Jesse tells one diner customer to "Be patient" when he came to him for advice about his mother-in-law who disapproved of how he was raising her grandchild.
  • Commands Terri Loach to "drop it" as she's swinging a baseball bat at Jesse's truck in an attempt to get to Eugene.
  • Commands Teri Loach to "step away from the car".
  • Commands Terri Loach to "forgive him" after forcing her to confront Eugene.
  • When asked by a couple named Kathy and Phil about how to get their kid to do homework, Jesse tells them "Just use your best judgment".

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  • Cassidy: This is a nice place ye got yerself here. I see linoleum is hip again. As a bonus, there's an old feller passed out in the back.


  • Tulip O'Hare: Now I found him. All's that's left to do is go over there and get him, tie him to a table, cut his freakin' balls off, and, over and over, stab him in the face with a screwdriver.


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