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A pumpkin is a large orange fruit of the gourd family. They are excellent for making pumpkin pies and can also be used for sport, such as pumpkin-chucking. During Halloween, it is tradition for children to carve faces into pumpkins, turning them into Jack-o'-lanterns.

In the Peanuts comic strip series, Linus Van Pelt believes in a figure of folklore that he calls the Great Pumpkin. According to him, the Great Pumpkin is similar to Santa Claus in that he flies over a pumpkin patch every Halloween night and gives gifts to children who wait out in the pumpkin patch for him. A caveat of the myth is that he will only bestow favor upon a pumpkin patch that he deems the most sincere. The concept of the Great Pumpkin was also referenced in the title of the Supernatural episode, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester".

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