Quinn Maddox
Quinn Maddox
Quinn Maddox
Aliases: Mayor Quinn Maddox
Series: Scream: The Series
Gender: Male
Notability: Supporting character
Occupation: Politician
Location: Lakewood, California
Relatives: Brooke Maddox [1]
Status: Deceased
Died: 2016
First: "Hello, Emma"
Final: "Heavenly Creatures"
Actor: Bryan Batt

Quinn Maddox is a fictional politician and a supporting character on the MTV suspense series Scream. Played by actor Bryan Batt, he was introduced in the second episode from season one, "Hello, Emma". He made six appearances in the show's first season.

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Quinn Maddox was the Mayor of the town of Lakewood in California. A wealthy man, he had a wife named Monica and a teenage daughter named Brooke. The Maddox family found themselves skirting great scandal when Quinn's alcoholic wife killed somebody in a hit and run accident. Quinn had her remanded to a rehabilitation center and took measures to dispose of the body.

Unfortunately for him, two Lakewood High School students named Will Belmont and Jake Fitzgerald came upon security footage showing him moving the body, and used it to blackmail Quinn out of large sums of money. Brooke learned about the footage and began to suspect that Quinn had actually murdered her mother. Quinn later explained that Monica was in rehab and didn't hurt her. Although he avoided jail, Brooke never truly forgave her father. He was murdered in Season 2 with a pitchfork by Ghostface.

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  1. Scream: Hello, Emma
  2. Scream: Aftermath
  3. Scream: Exposed
  4. Scream: Betrayed
  5. Scream: In the Trenches
  6. Scream: Ghosts
  7. Scream: Psycho
  8. Scream: Happy Birthday to Me
  9. Scream: Dawn of the Dead
  10. Scream: Village of the Damned
  11. Scream: The Orphanage
  12. Scream: Heavenly Creatures (Stabbed by Ghostface with pitchfork)

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