Rachael Murray
Scream 1x02 006
Rachael Murray
Aliases: Rachael Kay Murray
Series: Scream: The Series
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Student
Location: Lakewood, California
Status: Deceased
Born: 1999
Died: 2015
First: "Pilot"
Final: "Hello, Emma"
Actor: Sosie Bacon

Rachael Kay Murray is a fictional student and murder victim featured on the Scream: The Series television program, which began airing on MTV in June, 2015. Played by actress Sosie Bacon, she was introduced in the pilot episode of the series. She also appeared in episode 1x02, "Hello, Emma".

Biography Edit

Rachael Murray was a sixteen-year-old girl who lived in the town of Lakewood in California in the mid-2010s. She attended school at St. Mary's and was the lesbian lover of Audrey Jensen.

In 2015, two students from Lakewood High School named Nina Patterson and Emma Duval filmed Rachael and Audrey in their car as they were making out. Nina decided to upload the video to the cloud and by the following day, everybody at school was snickering, if not outright laughing, at Audrey. [1]

Shortly thereafter, Rachael became the victim of the mysterious Ghostface killer. The killer attacked her in her bedroom and hanged her from the balcony railing. She then suspended the body from a ceiling fan in her room and made it look as if she committed suicide. [2]

Months later, Audrey Jensen attended Kieran Wilcox's birthday party wherein she consumed tainted tequila. While hallucinating, she envisioned seeing Rachael's corpse with the noose around its neck talking to her. [3]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Rachael Murray is the first of the 2015 characters to be killed in the series. The others were Nina Patterson and Tyler O'Neill.
  • Playing the role of Rachael Murray is actress Sosie Bacon's first work in the horror genre.

Appearances Edit

  1. Scream: Pilot (1st appearance)
  2. Scream: Hello, Emma (Final appearance; dies)
  3. Scream: Exposed (In a photograph only)
  4. Scream: Betrayed (Referenced only)
  5. Scream: Happy Birthday to Me (As an hallucination)

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