Raiga Suhon
Raiga Suhon
Raiga Suhon
Aliases: Raiga
Series: Defiance
Gender: Male
Notability: Recurring character
Occupation: Henchman
Race: Sensoth
Location: Tarr residence, Defiance, Missouri
Status: Deceased
Died: 2047
First: "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go"
Final: "Doll Parts"
Actor: Kevin Shand

Raiga Suhon, generally referred to as just Raiga, is a fictional alien bodyguard featured in the science fiction television series Defiance. Played by former basketball star Kevin Shand, he first appeared in the third episode of season one, "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go". The character made fourteen appearances in the series in total.

Biography Edit

Raiga Suhon was a large arthropod member of the alien race known as the Sensoth. In the year 2046, he worked as a valet and bodyguard for the Castithan, Datak Tarr. Raiga was a man of few words, but followed Datak's orders without question. He was one of the few non-Castithans who was known to stay at the Tarr residence. Raiga appeared to have a close friendship with Datak's son, Alak Tarr, often referring to him as "Little man".

Raiga was a member of Datak Tarr's criminal cartel, likely operating in the role of an enforcer or leg-breaker. He was not above committing acts of violence while in Datak's employ, and was even responsible for murdering the Irathient Nizar on Datak's orders during the Irathient Plague outbreak. [1]

After Datak was imprisoned at Camp Reverie for murdering Colonel Galen Marsh, Raiga began taking instruction from Alak, who was actually being manipulated by his mother, Stahma Tarr. When Datak returned, he felt that Stahma and Alak had both failed him. He nearly drowned Stahma and mutilated Alak's hand with a record-pressing kit. The Tarr family turned against Datak, and Raiga stood with them. When Datak tried to return home, Raiga punched him in the jaw.

Datak later interrupted a gambling session of his old employees. He came under the premise of wanting to make peace, but no one in the group, especially Raiga, had any faith in his word. Raiga kept a close grip on his gun while Datak spoke about wanting to make recompense for his foul ways. In truth, this was just a ploy between Datak and Stahma (who had since mended fences) to do away with the old guard. Datak poisoned everyone's drinking glasses and Raiga died. Afterward, Datak dumped his body into a cavern beneath the building. [2]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Raiga's first name is pronounced Rah-gah.
  • Actor Kevin Shand is also known for playing the Axe men in the 2012 horror film, Resident Evil: Retribution. He is credited as Kevin Shad in this film.

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