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Aliases: Zero
Series: Defiance
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Freedom fighter
Race: Irathient
Location: Defiance, Missouri
Relatives: Indur [1]
Status: Deceased
Died: 2048
First: "The Beauty of Our Weapons"
Final: "My Name is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You"
Actor: Spencer MacPherson

Ranikar is a fictional alien and a minor character featured on the Syfy Original Series Defiance. He was played by actor Spencer MacPherson and appeared in two episodes from season three of the series. He appeared in "The Beauty of Our Weapons" and "My Name is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You".

Biography Edit

Ranikar, also known by the nickname "Zero", was a young Irathient male and a resident of Defiance, Missouri. He was the son of Indur. Ranikar had a natural aptitude for firearms and prided himself on his usage with his family's homemade weaponry. Joshua Nolan considered him the best long-range shooter he had ever seen. Ranikar was eager to join the fight against the approaching army of Rahm Tak and the Votanis Collective, though his father was bothered by the notion that he was expected to risk his own family while Nolan was intentionally keeping his own daughter, Irisa, out of the battle. [2]

Nolan led a group of freedom fighters into the tunnels that members of the V.C. contingent had burrowed through in order to gain access to Defiance. As the neared the exit, one of their number, Christopher Beckman, ordered Ranikar and the others to remain behind. Beckman was actually an Indogene named Bebe, who was Rahm Tak's right-hand man. Bebe exited the tunnel and then threw a hand grenade into it, killing everyone in the explosion, including Ranikar. [3]

Ranikar was honored at a memorial ceremony at the Darby Building after the destruction of the Votanis Collective's camp. His father, Indur, blamed Joshua Nolan for his son's death. Nolan was overwhelmed with guilt over failing to protect Indur's so, and paid him a personal visit to express his condolences. Indur told Nolan about how he had fashioned Ranikar's gun specifically for him. Ranikar had named the gun Lucy after a human girl that he had pined for, citing that they were both the most beautiful things he had ever seen. [4]

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