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Rao system
Redirects: Rao System
Category: Stellar system
Planet: 1- Krypton
Notable apperances: DC Animated Universe
Superman: The Animated Series
1st appearance: "Superman on Earth"

The Rao System is a stellar system featured in comic books published by DC Comics. It is associated with the Superman line of comic titles. Although it went unnamed for many years, it made its first appearance in Superman #1 in the Summer of 1939.

The Rao System is located in sector 2813 in accordance to the mapping system of the Guardians of the Universe. It contains a single red sun, which is named Rao and it currently maintains no planetary bodies. It was formerly the home of the planet Krypton before it exploded due to geological upheaval many years ago.

Points of interest Edit

  • Krypton - Planet
  • Rao - Star
  • Wegthor - Moon

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