Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Ray.

Being Human Edit

Being Human 2x13 005

Ray is a werewolf, who developed lycanthropy via infection. Forced to abandon his wife and son, he lived alone in the woods for quite some time. One night, under the full moon, Ray attacked two campers named Josh Levinson and his friend, Stu. Stu was killed, but Josh survived. However, he was now infected with the werewolf curse as well and turned into a creature on the nights of the full moon. Ray kept to himself for almost two years, but eventually tracked Josh down, revealing that he knew he was a werewolf. He offered to show Josh how to manage his condition, never revealing that he was the one who infected him in tthe first place. Josh began to form a bond with Ray, which caused tension between Josh's vampire friend, Aidan Waite, whom Ray hated.


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