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"All these changes are just exhausting!"

There is a matter of some restructuring going on as it relates to character appearances on programs based on DC Comics properties. Formerly, character appearances were often titled based upon the program they appeared in to distinguish them from similarly named characters from other shows. Going forward, we are attempting to streamline this so that all variations of a DC Comics character will have their appearances listed under single category. In most situations, the same naming convention guidelines will apply as before. The preferred naming convention is to use a character's most commonly used real name in place of a code name. One of the few exceptions to this will be Wonder Woman as her real name is only Diana and that is simply too common a new. As such, her appearances will be categorized as Wonder Woman/Appearances. Other characters however, such as Superman, will be identified by his real name, Kal-El/Appearances.

The following is a list of episode pages that have been reformatted to reflect this new initiative.

Adventures of Superboy, The Edit

  1. Adventures of Superboy: Unaired Pilot
  2. Adventures of Superboy: The Spy from Outer Space (Part 1)

Adventures of Superman, The Edit

  1. Adventures of Superman: Superman on Earth
  2. Adventures of Superman: The Last Knight
  3. Adventures of Superman: The Magic Secret

Arrow Edit

  1. Arrow: Green Arrow
  2. Arrow: The Candidate
  3. Arrow: Restoration
  4. Arrow: Legends of Yesterday
  5. Arrow: A.W.O.L.
  6. Arrow: Eleven-Fifty-Nine
  7. Arrow: Genesis
  8. Arrow: Schism

Batman: The Animated Series Edit

  1. Batman: I've Got Batman in My Basement

Challenge of the Super Friends Edit

  1. Challenge of the Super Friends: Wanted: The Super Friends

Flash (2014) Edit

  1. Flash: Going Rogue
  2. Flash: Fast Enough
  3. Flash: Flash of Two Worlds
  4. Flash: Enter Zoom
  5. Flash: Gorilla Warfare
  6. Flash: Legends of Today

Gotham Edit

  1. Gotham: Damned If You Do...
  2. Gotham: Azrael
  3. Gotham: Better to Reign in Hell...
  4. Gotham: Burn the Witch
  5. Gotham: Look Into My Eyes

Isis Edit

  1. Isis: The Lights of Mystery Mountain
  2. Isis: Fool's Dare
  3. Isis: Funny Gal
  4. Isis: Now You See It...
  5. Isis: ...And Now You Don't

Lois & Clark Edit

  1. Lois & Clark: Pilot
  2. Lois & Clark: Requiem for a Superhero
  3. Lois & Clark: Season's Greetings
  4. Lois & Clark: Home Is Where the Hurt Is
  5. Lois & Clark: I Now Pronounce You...
  6. Lois & Clark: Toy Story

New Batman Adventures Edit

  1. New Batman Adventures: Joker's Millions

Smallville Edit

  1. Smallville: Cool
  2. Smallville: Nicodemus
  3. Smallville: Stray
  4. Smallville: Crush
  5. Smallville: Obscura
  6. Smallville: Tempest
  7. Smallville: Crusade
  8. Smallville: Aqua
  9. Smallville: Fanatic
  10. Smallville: Bizarro
  11. Smallville: Odyssey
  12. Smallville: Identity
  13. Smallville: Requiem
  14. Smallville: Plastique
  15. Smallville: Rabid
  16. Smallville: Echo
  17. Smallville: Roulette
  18. Smallville: Escape
  19. Smallville: Upgrade
  20. Smallville: Salvation
  21. Smallville: Lazarus
  22. Smallville: Shield
  23. Smallville: Supergirl
  24. Smallville: Homecoming
  25. Smallville: Isis
  26. Smallville: Ambush
  27. Smallville: Icarus
  28. Smallville: Dominion
  29. Smallville: Prophecy
  30. Smallville: Finale

Static Shock Edit

  1. Static Shock: Toys in the Hood

Superboy Edit

  1. Superboy: Bizarro... The Thing of Steel
  2. Superboy: The Battle With Bizarro

Supergirl Edit

  1. Supergirl: Fight or Flight
  2. Supergirl: Livewire
  3. Supergirl: How Does She Do It?
  4. Supergirl: Hostile Takeover
  5. Supergirl: Strange Visitor from Another Planet
  6. Supergirl: Bizarro
  7. Supergirl: Solitude
  8. Supergirl: Falling
  9. Supergirl: Worlds Finest
  10. Supergirl: Myriad
  11. Supergirl: Better Angels

Superman: The Animated Series Edit

  1. Superman: The Last Son of Krypton (Part 1)
  2. Superman: The Last Son of Krypton (Part 2)
  3. Superman: The Last Son of Krypton (Part 3)
  4. Superman: Fun and Games
  5. Superman: Livewire
  6. Superman: Little Girl Lost (Part 1)
  7. Superman: Obsession

Wonder Woman Edit

  1. Wonder Woman: The Feminum Mystique (Part 1)
  2. Wonder Woman: The Feminum Mystique (Part 2)
  3. Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua!
  4. Wonder Woman: Judgment from Outer Space (Part 1)
  5. Wonder Woman: Judgment from Outer Space (Part 2)
  6. Wonder Woman: Formula 407
  7. Wonder Woman: The Bushwhackers
  8. Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman in Hollywood
  9. Wonder Woman: Anschluss '77
  10. Wonder Woman: The Bermuda Triangle Crisis
  11. Wonder Woman: Knockout
  12. Wonder Woman: The Pied Piper
  13. Wonder Woman: The Queen and the Thief
  14. Wonder Woman: I Do, I Do
  15. Wonder Woman: The Man Who Made Volcanoes
  16. Wonder Woman: The Deadly Toys
  17. Wonder Woman: Light-Fingered Lady

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