Rex Buckland is a fictional character masquerading as the boss of Prue Halliwell and a Warlock teamed with nasty-girl warlock Hannah Webster on a mission to destroy her and her sisters that appeared as the first regular repeating adversaries of the Charmed Ones during the first half-season of the eight-year series' run on The WB television series,Charmed. Rex was played by actor Neil Roberts in the fall season in 1998 through the January 13, 1999, airing ofWicca Envy, where the two almost succeed in framing Prue and getting the Charmed ones to give up their powers.

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Character's background[edit] Edit

Rex has psychic abilities, with them he can read minds, astral project.[episodes 1] and cause people to see and act how he wishes.[episodes 1] After being sent from the Underworld, he manages to take over Buckland Auction House, with a fellow Warlock, Hannah Webster. Their mission is to acquire the powers of the Charmed Ones. Soon, he hires Prue Halliwell, the eldest of the Charmed Ones. Then the waiting begins as Rex monitors Prue carefully, looking for any sign of weakness.

Rex and Hannah are the show's first recurring villains, lasting for the first half of the season. During that time they help Hecate in her marriage scheme,[episodes 2] are nearly victims of Prue's truth spell[episodes 3] and unleash the evil warlock Matthew on the sisters.[episodes 4]

For several months, Rex and Hannah watch and wait until they see an opportunity to take the powers. For this, Rex uses his astral projection power to set certain events in motion.[episodes 1] Rex is able to manipulate the Charmed Ones into giving up their powers by framing Prue for the murder of a security guard that works at Buckland's. Having no choice but to comply, or face Prue being sent to prison, the sisters relinquish their powers, which flow into a lantern Rex provides for them.[episodes 1] They give him the powers, but Rex plans to kill them. Hannah, having turned into a black panther, charges the sisters, but the intervention of the Whitelighter known as Leo Wyattsaves them. The Halliwells regain their powers and use them against Rex and Hannah. Following their defeat, Rex and Hannah vanished,[episodes 1] presumably recalled to the Underworld. Their subsequent fate is unknown.

Note[edit] Edit

It is discovered by Andy that "Rex Buckland" and "Hannah Webster" are aliases. Those names belonged to two humans who are now dead.[episodes 1]

The name "Buckland" is also shared with one of the first publicly admitted Wiccans, author Raymond Buckland.

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