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Aliases: Prince Reynart
Series: Doctor Who
Gender: Male
Notability: Supporting character
Race: Taran
Location: Tara
Relatives: Grendel [1]
Status: Alive
First: "The Androids of Tara (Part 1)"
Final: "The Androids of Tara (Part 4)"
Actor: Neville Jason

Reynart, also known as Prince Reynart, is a fictional prince featured in the original British television series Doctor Who. He was a supporting character in the four-part 1978 serial, "The Androids of Tara". Played by actor Neville Jason, he appeared in all four chapters of the storyline.

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Reynart was a humanoid from the planet Tara. He stood to inherit the throne of the Gracht and become king, but his ambitious cousin, Grendel of Gracht conspired to assassinate the prince prior to his coronation day. Prince Reynart met the Fourth Doctor, who helped him to improve a robotic decoy to take his place.

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  1. Cousin; a count and knight of Gratsch.