Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Rick.

Justice League Unlimited Edit

Rick is a minor character in the DC Animated Universe who appeared in a single episode of Justice League Unlimited. He was voiced by Lex Lang and appeared in "Flash and Substance". Tony was a resident of Keystone City.

Santa Clarita Diet Edit

Santa Clarita Diet 1x01 003

Rick was a police officer servicing the area of Santa Monica, California, but lived in a nice suburban home with his wife and newborn daughter in Santa Clarita. He was neighbors with Joel and Sheila Hammond, whom he developed a friendship with. He was a rival with Dan Palmer, who was the Hammonds' neighbor, who was a corrupt sheriff's deputy. The two often bickered across the way with the Hammonds often caught in the middle of their feuds. Rick enjoyed spending time with Joel, and occasionally smoked marijuana with him, despite being a cop. When Joel murdered Dan with a shovel, Sheila and he tried to hide the body in their house. Rick made an impromptu visit and the Hammonds tried to steer his attention clear of the corpse, which was propped up in the next room. When Rick noticed that they were both sweating, he asked them what they were doing. Sheila said they were having sex, while Joel said they were fighting. He then combined both excuses by saying that they were fighting about sex because of a "new move" that Joel was trying out. Rick wanted Joel to tell him about the move, but Joel just said "You can't handle the move". Later, Rick had arrested the Hammonds' teenage daughter, Abby Hammond, whom he caught riding a stolen motorcycle. Rather than turn her in, he just brought her home instead.