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Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Television
Roles: Executive producer; Director; Writer
Date of birth: August 15th, 1965
Place of birth: Sunnyside, Washington
Notable works: Big Shots
Veronica Mars

Rob Thomas is an American television producer, director and script writer. He was born in Sunnyside, Washington on August 15th, 1965. Rob Thomas is best known for creating the TV series Veronica Mars, and the similarly themed television show, iZombie, along with Diane Ruggiero-Wright.

As an executive producer Edit

iZombie Edit

  1. iZombie: Pilot
  2. iZombie: Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?
  3. iZombie: The Exterminator
  4. iZombie: Liv and Let Clive
  5. iZombie: Flight of the Living Dead
  6. iZombie: Virtual Reality Bites
  7. iZombie: Maternity Liv
  8. iZombie: Dead Air
  9. iZombie: Patriot Brains
  10. iZombie: Mr. Berserk
  11. iZombie: Astroburger
  12. iZombie: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat
  13. iZombie: Blaine's World
  14. iZombie: Grumpy Old Liv
  15. iZombie: Zombie Bro
  16. iZombie: Real Dead Housewife of Seattle
  17. iZombie: Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues

As a director Edit

iZombie Edit

  1. iZombie: Pilot

Veronica Mars Edit

  1. Veronica Mars: Donut Run
  2. Veronica Mars: Spit & Eggs

As a writer Edit

iZombie Edit

  1. iZombie: Pilot
  2. iZombie: The Exterminator
  3. iZombie: Blaine's World
  4. iZombie: Grumpy Old Liv

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