Walking Dead 1x02 009

The rock quarry campsite is a fictional location featured on The Walking Dead television series. It played a pivotal role in season one of the series and appeared in all six episodes from that season. It was the primary setting used on the show at this time.

The rock quarry campsite was located some 15-20 miles northwest of the city of Atlanta in Georgia. This was where Shane Walsh brought a group of survivors following the zombie outbreak. Members of the group included Lori Grimes, Carl Grimes, Dale Horvath, Glenn Rhee, Daryl Dixon, his brother Merle Dixon, Andrea, her sister Amy, T-Dog, Carol Peletier, her husband Ed Peletier, their daughter Sophia, Jim, Morales and his family and Jacqui. There were several vehicles in used as part of a caravan including Dale's RV, Daryl's chopper, a pick-up truck, a red sports car and the Morales family truck. Three months or so following global infection, Rick Grimes managed to make his way to the campsite and reunited with his family and former partner, Shane. One night, when Rick took a crew into the city to forage for supplies, a horde of walkers ambushed the camp, taking several victims including Amy, Ed Peletier and Jim. With the integrity of the camp now compromised, Rick posited the idea of relocating to the CDC. Morales and his family decided to split off from the group and headed towards Birmingham, Alabama instead.

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