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Roger Holloway
Gender: Male
Roles: Actor
Notable works: Star Trek

Roger Holloway is a television actor and stunt performer. His only work in television was on the original Star Trek series where he played a recurring bit character named Roger Lemli, who was a security guard on the USS Enterprise. As Lemli, Roger Holloway appeared on thirty-four episodes of the series.

Roger Holloway was also a stand-in for William Shatner, who played the lead role of Captain Kirk, as well as James Doohan, who played the role of Montgomery Scott on the show. Roger was uncredited in the series in this capacity, but according to IMDB, he appeared in fifty episodes of the show as a stand-in.

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  • Roger Holloway stopped acting after the discontinuation of Star Trek.

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  • Roger Holloway appeared in no other television shows outside of Star Trek.

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