Doctor Who 16x13 004
Aliases: Romanadvoratrelundar
Series: Doctor Who
Gender: Female
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Companion
Race: Gallifreyans
Location: Gallifrey
Status: Alive
Actor: Mary Tamm
Lalla Ward

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Romanadvoratrelundar, whose name is often shortened to just Romana, is a native of Gallifrey, and is referred to as a "Time Lady", which is the feminine equivilant to a Time Lord. As such, Romana has the same biological traits of a traditional Gallifreyan, including a dual-heart circulatory system, but she also possess a Time Lord's ability to regenerate into a new physical form.

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Doctor Who 17x04 003

Romana II.

Romana and the Doctor traveled to Paris, France for a personal holiday. He took her to the Louvre so she can develop an appreciation for Earth culture, but saw no artistic merit in artwork that wasn't created on a computer. Romana became aware of a time slip that was taking place in the surrounding area and further investigation pointed them in the direction of an ancient alien named Scaroth who had been masquerading as a human aristocrat named Carlos Scarlioni. Along with a private detective named Duggan, Romana and the Doctor became involved in Scarlioni's plot to steal the Mona Lisa. However, this was only a minor stepping stone towards his real goal, which was to build a time machine so he could go back to Earth's primordial era and prevent an accident that resulted in the extinction of his race, the Jagaroth. Doing so however, would also spell the end of all of humanity. Scarlioni captured Romana and forced her to complete the work on his time machine. Though she was loathe to do so, she labored on the device, but rigged it so that it would only send Scarlioni back in time for exactly one minute before pulling him back into the present. Romana and the Doctor followed Scarlioni/Scaroth back in time to Earth's primordial past and defeated him. [1]

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