Ruby Nicholson
Scream 1x02 009
Ruby Nicholson
Series: Scream: The Series
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Student
Location: Lakewood, California
Status: Alive
First: "Hello, Emma"
Actor: Marisela Zumbado

Ruby Nicholson is a fictional high school student and a minor character featured in the MTV thriller program, Scream: The Series. She appeared in the second episode of season one, "Hello, Emma", where she was played by actress Marisela Zumbado.

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Ruby Nicholson was a resident of the town of Lakewood, California, and a student at Lakewood High School in the year 2015. She and a friend were in a restroom discussing the recent murder of a student named Nina Patterson. Ruby commented about the uploading of a controversial video, which may or may not have played a role in the murder. She said that whoever uploaded the video also has blood on their hands and might wind up as the "New Nina". Emma Duval, who was the student who uploaded the video was in the next stall and overheard everything.

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  1. Scream: Hello, Emma

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