Rygog[edit] Edit

Rygog is the mutant servant of Divatox. he serves as her loyal warrior, able to fire lasers from his eyes. However, due to the design of his armor, he can be defeated if he is toppled. Rygog also served as the pilot of the Lion Divazord. He may have been destroyed by Zordon's energy wave in Countdown to Destruction when Divatox was on Gratha fighting the Alien Rangers.

According to the episode Fire In Your Tank, Rygog is apparently left-handed. As shown in Rally Ranger, Rygog sleeps upside down like a bat.

Like Elgar, Rygog too had his image changed between American footage and Carranger footage. In the Sentai footage, Gynamo had a more menacing face, though it seemed to be made on a cheaper budget.

Rygog is played by Ed Neil and voiced by Alexis Lang.

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