"Come on. Keep moving. There's things in these woods we don't want to meet."
Joshua Nolan[src]
Defiance 1x01 036

Saberwolves are a breed of fictional creature featured in the Defiance multimedia franchise. They first appeared in the Defiance video game by Trion Worlds. They also appeared in the first part of the two-part series premiere of the Defiance television series on Syfy.

In the year 2013, seven alien races collectively known as the Votans came to Earth and began terraforming it. In addition to wreaking geological upheaval, the terraforming also caused hundreds of species of animal to go instinct, while causing a forced evolution in others. In some cases, entirely new breeds of animal were coming into being. An evolved race of predator known as Saberwolves was one of such creatures.

Saberwolves are large four-legged mammals that also appear to have some characteristics common to insects. They have pointed legs and a tough carapace upon their back. They are pack hunters and will stalk and kill anything they deem as either a threat or potential food.

In 2046, Joshua Nolan and Irisa Nyira were crossing the mountains through the Missouri Badlands when they ran afoul of a pack of these dangerous animals. Nolan managed to shoot one of them dead, but others appeared and surrounded them. Fortunately for them, Chief Lawkeeper Garret Clancy and his deputies appeared on the scene and took down more saberwolves, causing the others to flee the scene. (Defiance: Pilot (Part 1))

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