Sam Seeley
Doctor Who 7.3 003
Sam Seeley
Series: Doctor Who
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Location: Epping, Essex, England
Relatives: Meg Seeley [1]
Status: Deceased by virtue of time era
Born: 1916 [2]
First: "Spearhead from Space (Part 1)"
Final: "Spearhead from Space (Part 3)"
Actor: Neil Wilson

Sam Seeley is a fictional hunter featured in the original Doctor Who television series. He was a supporting character in the "Spearhead from Space" serial in 1970, which involved the adventures of the Third Doctor. The role of Sam Seeley was played by actor Neil Wilson. He made three appearances in the series in total.

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Sam Seeley was an elderly man born sometime in the 1910s. He lived in Brook Cottage in Epping, England with his wife, Meg, in the early 1970s. One day, while out poaching rabbits in nearby Oxley Woods, Sam came upon a bizarre meteorite, which was actually an alien Nestine sphere. He did not know that the sphere coordinated all communications between the Nestine Consciousness and its various host appendages, such as the Autons. [3]

Feeling as if the meteor might have held some value, he brought it home and sealed it within a trunk inside of a shed next to the cottage. When news of these strange meteorites began circulating throughout the countryside, members of UNIT came long to investigate. They encountered Sam, who was quite dodgy about whether or not he had actually seen any such space debris, and only pressed on as to whether or not there might be some type of monetary reward for such an item. [4]

Once it was determined that Sam had in fact recovered a piece of alien technology, the Doctor and Elizabeth Shaw went to Brook Cottage to acquire it. Sam was detained by UNIT soldiers in a camp near Oxley Woods. [5]

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