Sarah Kent
Adventures of Superman 1x01 004
Sarah Kent
Aliases: Ma Kent
Continuity: The Adventures of Superman
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Location: Kent farm
Relatives: Eben Kent [1]
Clark Kent [2]
Status: Deceased
First: "Superman on Earth"
Actor: Frances Morris

Sarah Kent is a fictional elderly woman and a minor character featured in the 1950s syndicated superhero-action series The Adventures of Superman. Played by actress Frances Morris, she appeared in the premiere episode of the series, "Superman on Earth".

Biography Edit

While on a car trip with her husband, Sarah began hearing a strange sound and saw an alien rocket land. Her husband pulled an infant out of the rocket, before it was destroyed. Deciding to keep the child and raise it as their own, they named the boy "Clark". While Clark grew up, Sarah did her best to help him with his developing powers. And explained the boy's origin to him.

After the death of Eben, Sarah convinced Clark to move to Metropolis and use his powers to help others. She even made a costume out of the blankets, that Clark had been wrapped in, when she and Eben found him. [3]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of Sarah Kent was created by director Tommy Carr and writer Richard Fielding based on concepts originally developed by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.
  • Sarah Kent is an analog for Martha Kent, who is Clark Kent's adoptive mother in the DC Comics comic books.

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References Edit

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