Savannah Weaver
Terminator 2x06 006
Savannah Weaver
Continuity: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Gender: Female
Notability: Recurring character
Race: Human
Location: Los Angeles, California
Relatives: Lachlan Weaver [1]
Catherine Weaver [2]
Catherine Weaver Terminator [3]
Status: Alive
First: "Allison from Palmdale"
Final: "Adam Raised a Cain"
Actor: Mackenzie Smith

Savannah Weaver is a fictional child and a recurring character featured on the FOX Network television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She was played by actress Mackenzie Smith.

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Savannah Weaver is a young girl who is the daughter of Lachlan Weaver and the original Catherine Weaver. After the Weavers died, a T-1001 Terminator assumed Catherine Weaver's identity and became the surrogate mother to Savannah.

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Appearances Edit

  1. Terminator: Allison from Palmdale
  2. Terminator: The Tower is Tall But the Fall is Short
  3. Terminator: Desert Cantos
  4. Terminator: Today is the Day (Part 1)
  5. Terminator: To the Lighthouse
  6. Terminator: Adam Raised a Cain

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  1. Father, deceased.
  2. Mother, deceased.
  3. Surrogate mother; T-1001 Terminator series.