"Crash and Burn"
Series Scandal
Season 1, Episode 5
Scandal 1x05 001
Airdate May 3rd, 2012
Writer Mark Wilding
Director Steve Robin
Producer Scott Collins; Roxann Dawson; Merri D. Howard; Judy Smith; Jenna Bans; Mark Wilding; Betsy Beers; Shonda Rhimes; Heather Mitchell
Starring Kerry Washington; Henry Ian Cusick; Columbus Short; Darby Stanchfield; Katie Lowes; Guillermo Diaz; Jeff Perry; Tony Goldwyn
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Next "The Trail"

"Crash and Burn" is the fifth episode of season one of the political drama series Scandal. It was directed by Steve Robin with a script written by Mark Wilding. It first aired on ABC on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 pm. In this episode, Olivia Pope and her team must aid the surviving pilot of a commercial plane that has crashed, killing all passengers on board. Speculation and accusations abound as Olivia's gladiators defend this pilot from the media. Meanwhile, Amanda Tanner goes missing.

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  • Actor Tony Goldwyn receives an "And Tony Goldwyn" credit in the main title credits for this season.

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  • David Rosen: So, who do you think killed her? See, I've got this nagging feeling you've got a pretty good idea. I know I give you a long leash on a lot of things and I like to because, despite my better judgment and all my protests to the contrary, I really do consider you a friend. But I can't look the other way here, not on this... I prosecute crime. I get the bad guys. So at some point, even with you I gotta draw the line. I've gotta do my job. I've gotta be the sheriff.
  • Olivia Pope: The white hat looks good on you.


  • Olivia Pope: Are we on a secure line?
  • Fitzgerald Grant: Why the hell are you threatening my agents?
  • Olivia Pope You mean the men you sent to follow and scare me?
  • Fitzgerald Grant: You told them that you know what I did to her. To who? Amanda Tanner?
  • Olivia Pope: Playing dumb doesn't suit you.
  • Fitzgerald Grant: Olivia, either say what you mean or stop--
  • Olivia Pope: War is war? Fine. But murder... is murder.
  • Fitzgerald Grant: Amanda is dead?
  • Olivia Pope: She has a dad. A really nice man who is looking for his daughter. How do you think he's gonna feel when he find out that he man he voted for had his daughter killed?
  • Fitzgerald Grant: I didn't do this. You know me. You know I didn't do this.
  • Olivia Pope: I don't know anything.
  • Fitzgerald Grant: Trust your gut. Your gut is never wrong.
  • Olivia Pope: I don't have a gut anymore.
  • Fitzgerald Grant: Livvie... Come to the White House and look me in the eye. We need to talk about this face to face.
  • Olivia Pope: Face to face is over. That girl is dead!
  • Fitzgerald Grant: This wasn't... me. You know me. And the thought that I would ever, that I could ever... You know me.
  • Olivia Pope: If you didn't kill her, we both know who did. Tell me I'm wrong. You let a pit bull off his leash, he mauls a baby, no one blames the dog. You let Cyrus off his leash, that's on you.

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