Wonderbug 001

Schlepcar is the alternative name for a customized automobile more commonly known as Wonderbug. This was the eponymous vehicle featured in the 1976 children's television series Wonderbug.

Schlepcar was a composite vehicle using parts from a dune buggy and a Volkswagen. In its natural state, it is a rundown green ruin of a vehicle that was discovered in a junk yard by three youths. Upon hearing the sound of a particular cavalry trumpet horn, Schlepcar could transform into a highly functional, sleeker representation of itself. In Wonderbug form, it had a shiny metallic red frame, blinking headlights that resembled eyes, and a twin-bumper system that resembled white lips on a mouth. It could also fly and talk.

Appearances Edit

  1. Wonderbug: The Maltese Gooneybird

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