TOS 1x01 002

Planet M-113 from Star Trek.

Science fiction, often truncated to just Sci-fi, is a genre of television entertainment that deals with settings and plot devices that function outside the accepted definitions of plausible reality. Other genres that utilize these methods also includes the Horror and Fantasy genres. Sci-fi focuses on the scientific elements of imaginary storytelling, and often uses themes of futuristic settings, space travel, extraterrestrial life and scientific exploration. Time travel is another often-used plot tool used in sci-fi and has been implemented in shows such as Doctor Who, Timecop and Timetrax.

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  • The Syfy network, formerly known as the Sci-Fi Channel, airs programming that specializes in science fiction as well as the horror genre. For some unknown reason, WWE Friday Night Smackdown got shunted over to Syfy even though it's a professional wrestling entertainment program.

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