Season One
Scream 1x05 002
Season Premiere June 30th, 2015
Season Finale September 1st, 2015
Episode Count 10
Cast Willa Fitzgerald; Bex Taylor-Klaus; John Karna; Amadeus Serafini; Connor Weil; Carlson Young; Jason Wiles; Tracy Middendorf



Season 2

Season One of Scream: The Series began airing on MTV on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015. It aired until September 1st, 2015, spanning a total of ten episodes. The series is a remake of the popular Scream film series developed by Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson.

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  • Franchise creator Wes Craven passed away in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, August 30th, 2015 at the age of 76 after having battled brain cancer for some time. He had been working in L.A. at the time of his death, but still divided his time between there and his home in Martha's Vineyard. [1][2]
  • A special "In memory of..." tribute to Wes Craven was presented before the airing of the season finale, "Revelations".
  • Nina Patterson is the first character to appear in Scream: The Series, and as such, she is also the first female character. She is the second character killed on the show, after Tyler O'Neill, but is the first on-screen death. She is the first female character on the series to die.
  • The identity of the primary Ghostface killer from season one is revealed at the end of the season finale, "Revelations".

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