"Wanna Play a Game?" is the third episode of season one of the psycho-thriller television program Scream: The Series, which is a retooling of the Scream film series created by Wes Craven in 1996. The episode was directed by Tim Hunter with a script written by Jordan Rosenberg and Meredith Glynn. It first aired on MTV on Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 at 10:00 pm.

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  • This episode is rated TV-14.
  • This episode had a viewership of 872,000 people, which is up by 61,000 from the previous episode.

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  • The title of this episode is taken from a trademark line of dialogue used by Ghostface in the original Scream film series. He said this to both Casey Becker and Sidney Prescott while prank-calling them.
  • Emma Duval makes reference to The Fault in Our Stars in this episode. This is a 2014 romance movie directed by Josh Boone. It stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as well as former True Blood actor Sam Trammell.

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  • The word "Unknown" is mis-spelled as "Unkown" on Emma Duval's cell phone caller ID.

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  • Featured kill: Riley Marra
  • With this episode, the ongoing body count for season one totals 4:

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  • Piper Shaw: So, Noah Foster, do you think that Brandon James just snapped that night?
  • Noah Foster: Nobody just snaps. I mean, a bomb doesn't become a bomb when the wick is lit.
  • Piper Shaw: So if Tyler O'Neill is behind the mask and the GIF, is this an homage?
  • Noah Foster: In my humble opinion, nobody puts on a mask and commits a murder like that just once. The real question is: who's next?


  • Riley Marra: Still haven't heard from Noah. Everything was going great on the football field, then he raced off like the McRib was back.
  • Brooke Maddox: He's clearly afraid to make a move, and you're to gorg' for these romantic Special Olympics.
  • Riley Marra: Don't be mean.
  • Brooke Maddox: Not mean. Brutally honest. It's a different shade of mean.


  • Noah Foster: Riley, where are you? Just look around you. Tell me what you can see.
  • Riley Marra: I can... see our stars.



  • Emma Duval: : Hello.
  • The Killer: Hello, Emma. Got your DM. I'll answer your questions when I'm ready. So, did mommy give you the answers you were looking for?
  • Emma Duval: : I'm calling the police
  • The Killer: Say anything and I will gut her.
  • Emma Duval: : What do you want from me?
  • The Killer: Isn't it obvious? I want your trust, Emma.
  • Emma Duval: : Why the hell would I trust you?
  • The Killer: Because I'm the only one around here telling you the truth.
  • Emma Duval: : You're sick. I am done playing your games, and I am done with you.


  • Clark Hudson: So we are officially dealing with another possible murder.
  • Maggie Duval: I was up all night finishing the autopsy. The ligature marks, dislocated vertebrae, crushed larynx. You don't see this kind of trauma hanging yourself from an eight foot high ceiling fan.
  • Clark Hudson: So someone staged her body to look like a suicide. Why would they do that?
  • Maggie Duval: I wish I knew.
  • Clark Hudson: Rachel's wake's today. Let her family have a day to mourn. Tomorrow I'll open a murder investigation.


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