Scrubs: The Complete First Season
Scrubs - The Complete First Season
Series: Scrubs
Format: Region 1 DVD
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Discs: 3
Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Released: May 17th, 2005
Next: Season Two

Scrubs: The Complete First Season is a three-disc DVD boxset collection that includes all twenty-four episodes from season one of the NBC medical sitcom Scrubs. The collection was produced by Buena Vista Home Entertainment and released in Region 1 format on May 17th, 2005.

Product description Edit

Check into the surreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital, where the staff is bizarre and the laughter is contagious. Fresh-faced J.D. (Zach Braff) and his fellow new medical residents weave their way through each unpredictable day with hilarious results. SCRUBS is "a masterpiece," raves Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe. Now relive all 24 episodes of the groundbreaking show's highly acclaimed first season. With a host of great bonus features, including deleted scenes and a fascinating retrospective documentary, this spectacular three-DVD set is off-the-charts entertainment you'll want to watch over and over again.

Episodes Edit

"My First Day"
"My Mentor"
"My Best Friend's Mistake"
"My Old Lady"
"My Two Dads"
"My Bad"
"My Super Ego"
"My Fifteen Minutes"
"My Day Off"
"My Nickname"
"My Own Personal Jesus"
"My Blind Date"
"My Balancing Act"
"My Drug Buddy"
"My Bed Banter & Beyond"
"My Heavy Meddle"
"My Student"
"My Tuscaloosa Heart"
"My Sacrificial Clam"
"My Occurrence"
"My Hero"
"My Last Day"

Notes Edit

  • Packaged with a semi-transparent slipcase.
  • Includes a two-page appendix with a menu breakdown of episodes by disc.
  • Total running time: 558 minutes.
  • Format: Boxset, Color, NTSC.
  • Languages: English.
  • Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo.
  • Aspect ratio: 1:33:1 (full frame).

Special features Edit

  • Newbies: Examines the actors before they were cast.
  • Favorite Moments: Cast and crew reflections.
  • Outtakes: Funniest Scrubs flubs
  • Deleted Scenes: Clips that wound up on the O.R. floor.
  • The Doctor is In: One on one with Zach Braff.

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