"We totally got out magicked in our own magic house. Unbelievable."
Faye Chamberlain

"Traitor" is the twentieth episode of season one of the supernatural fantasy series The Secret Circle. The episode was directed by Eagle Egilsson and written by Roger Grant and Katie Wech. It first aired on the CW Network on Thursday, April 26th, 2012 at 9:00 pm. In this episode, a wake is held for Cassie's grandmother, Jane Blake, though nobody seems to know how or why she died. While scheming to get a hold of some of her mother's pills, Faye unwittingly comes across her family's crystal. Now they only need one final piece in order to reassemble the crystal skull that will protect the circle from the witch hunters. Adam Conant's grandfather was in possession of the final peace, and while searching for it, Adam discovers the ability to reverse a concealment spell. Diana has a heart-to-heart with her father and reveals the truth about her relationship to John Blackwell. As tensions within the circle continue to rise, the identity of the witch traitor is finally revealed - and it is the last person that anyone would expect.

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  • This episode is production code number: 2J6270
  • This episode reveals that Isaac, the witch hunter who had mentored Jake Armstrong had been killed by Eben in the intervening episodes.
  • Faye and Jake resume a sexual relationship that began over two years ago in this episode.

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  • Jake Armstrong: "Is it true, witch hunters did it?"
  • Faye Chamberlain: "That's what Blackwell said."
  • Jake Armstrong: "We can't just sit here and let them get away with this!"
  • Faye Chamberlain: "And we will. But right now there are sad, fragile, old people here. Let's not give them some heart attacks with angry threats."


  • Cassie Blake: Diana, you've always treated me like family and I know things are really confusing right now, but if it turns out that you are my sister, I'd be really happy about that.


  • Faye Chamberlain: If we live, remind me to download this song. It'd be perfect for my 'Running For Your Life' treadmill mix.

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