Selena Marie Gomez Woman Of 1000 Voices Not Only is She She is of Italian, Mexican-American and Black Country (Birmingham, i.e English), descent.But She Can  do anything thing out there From Copying Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice and Adam Sandler and Hamilton Camp's Dracula's to Singing Every  White and Black Rap Song Out There Almost to Copying Frank Oz's Cookie Monster to do all the Different Tones of Alex Russo and Malvis Dracula to even Impersonate Happy Hour People in Centerville When the Real Ones Are Not There and Even doing  the voices without even trying With Ashley Tisdale even do British Accents

Fake Brit: In Monte Carlo, both in real life and in universe and also, bizarrely, in the song "Whiplash" off of her 3rd album. However, her ancestry is from The Black Country in the Midlands, so not quite a Fake Brit. Her accent hides this though.