Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Sharon.

Gotham Edit

Sharon was a patient and inmate at Arkham Asylum. She was roped into a plan devised by Edward Nygma in order to help him break out of the facility. (Gotham: Azrael)

True Blood Edit

True Blood 1x02 020

Sharon, full name possibly Sharon Tay, was a television news moderator for TBBN. In 2008 she moderated a heated televised debate between the devout Reverend Theodore Newlin and Nan Flanagan, the spokeswoman for the American Vampire League (AVL). The subject of the special was the AVL's efforts to secure equal rights for vampires. Newlin stated that his commitment to Jesus would not allow him to even speak directly to a vampire. Sharon plainly stated that this would it very difficult to maintain a dialogue, but Newlin was unflappable.

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