Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Shelley.

American Horror Story Edit

American Horror Story 2x03 002

Shelley is a fictional mental patient and a supporting character from the FX Network television series American Horror Story. Played by actress Chloë Sevigny, she appeared in the second season of the show, billed under the title American Horror Story: Asylum. She was introduced in the season premiere, "Welcome to Briarcliff".

Shelley was a young blonde-haired woman who lived in Wasaugee, Massachusetts during the early 1960s. A confirmed nymphomaniac, she was committed to the Briarcliff Manor state mental hospital in 1964 where it was believed she would receive treatment to curb her sexual appetites. When therapy failed, administrator Sister Jude Martin felt punishment was in order, and decided to shave Shelley's head. However, the haircut was interrupted by the unexpected appearance of Sister Mary Eunice McKee and new patient Lana Winters. She met fellow inmate Kit Walker and propositioned him, but Kit rebuffed her advances. (AHS: Welcome to Briarcliff)


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