Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Sheri.

Lost Girl Edit

Lost Girl 2x07 011

Sheri is a fictional shape-shifter and a minor character featured in the Showtime and Syfy television series Lost Girl. Played by actress Cristina Rosato, she appeared in the seventh episode of season two, "Fae Gone Wild". Sheri is a type of Fae known as a Selkie, which is a seal that can take on human shape. To do so however, the Selkie must shed their pelt. Without her pelt however, Sheri can never again return to seal form. Sheri and several other human Selkies began dancing at a strip club called the Naughty Ladies Gentleman's Club in Toronto. Sheri knew that the owner of the club, Kobe Ah Ket, had stolen her pelt and was keeping it locked up inside of a vault. Sheri broke a murderer out of jail in order to forge a mystic device called the Hand of Glory, which could open the vault so she could retrieve her pelt. Sheri's actions at the police station brought Bo and Kenzi into the mix, and Bo went undercover as a bartender at the club in order to learn what Sheri was actually doing.

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