Walking Dead 1x02 007

The shovel walker is a fictional zombie character and a minor character featured on the AMC survival horror series The Walking Dead. Played by actor/stunt man Brian Stretch, he first appeared in the pilot episode of the series, "Days Gone Bye". He also appeared in the subsequent episode, "Guts".

This unidentified individual was a male resident of Atlanta, Georgia, who appeared to be in his thirties when he died. As the zombie plague swept across the city, this man was one of many who was reanimated as a flesh-eating walker. He was a bald man wearing a t-shirt and flannel shirt who was seen shambling along Northwest Walton Street. The right side of his mouth had been torn away from a previous incident.

This creature shambled behind another walker with stringy hair and a suit and took note of some potential prey in the form of Rick Grimes, who had arrived in Atlanta upon a horse. After walkers descended upon the horse, they chased Rick as he took sanctuary inside of a tank. When he exited the tank, this walker was the first to attack him. Rick bashed him across the side of the head with a shovel, knocking him down, enabling him to escape.

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