Silora Voske
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Silora Voske
Series: Defiance
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Politician
Race: Castithan
Location: Peru, South America
Status: Deceased
Died: 2048
First: "When Twilight Dims the Sky Above"
Actor: Wendy Crewson

Silora Voske is a fictional alien diplomat and a minor character featured in the Defiance television series. Played by actress Wendy Crewson, she appeared in the tenth episode of season three titled, "When Twilight Dims the Sky Above".

Biography Edit

Silora Voske was an older Castithan female and the Vice Chancellor of the Votanis Collective. Based out of South America, she learned only too late about a scouting expedition that she had sent out led by General Rahm Tak, which had gone rogue and engaged upon a campaign of genocide against humans. By the time Silora learned about Rahm Tak's actions, it was almost too late. Rahm Tak had mounted a siege against the independent city-state of Defiance, Missouri. Silora Voske marshaled the legitimate forces of the Votanis Collective to intercept him, but by the time they reached Defiance, the members of the town had already destroyed Rahm Tak and his followers.

Silora Voske entered into diplomatic relations with Defiance's mayor, Amanda Rosewater. She apologized for the actions that Rahm Tak had taken in the name of the Votanis Collective and wanted to make amends. She was prepared to offer Defiance whatever support they required. The only thing they asked in return was if the town could surrender its two Omec occupants to them, T'evgin and Kindzi.

That evening, Amanda hosted a diplomatic formal function with many of the V.C. members in attendance. Amanda's Chief Lawkeeper, Joshua Nolan, who had been suffering from post-traumatic stress brought on not only by the loss of his men during Rahm Tak's raid, but also by alien ArkTech implanted in his brain, mistakenly believed that someone had planted a bomb at the function. In the midst of his hysteria, he shot the Vice Chancellor, killing her instantly. [1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Silora Voske was the daughter of Onulu Toruku.
  • Datak Tarr described Silora as a "moderate surrounded by radicals".

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