Season Two
Six Million Dollar Man
Smdm 2x18 001
Season Premiere September 13th, 1974
Season Finale April 27th, 1975
Episode Count 22
Cast Lee Majors; Richard Anderson

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Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Nuclear Alert September 13th, 1974
2x2 The Pioneers September 20th, 1974
2x3 Pilot Error September 22nd, 1974
2x4 The Pal-Mir Escort October 4th, 1974
2x5 The Seven Million Dollar Man November 1st, 1974
2x6 Straight on 'till Morning November 8th, 1974
2x7 The Midas Touch November 15th, 1974
2x8 The Deadly Replay November 22nd, 1974
2x9 Act of Piracy November 29th, 1974
2x10 Stranger in Broken Folk December 12th, 1974
2x11 The Peeping Blonde December 20th, 1974
2x12 The Cross-Country Kidnap January 10th, 1975
2x13 Lost Love January 17th, 1975
2x14 The Last Kamikaze January 19th, 1975
2x15 Return of the Robot Maker January 26th, 1975
2x16 Taneha February 2nd, 1975
2x17 Look Alike February 23rd, 1975
2x18 The E.S.P. Spy March 2nd, 1975
2x19 The Bionic Woman (Part 1) March 16th, 1975
2x20 The Bionic Woman (Part 2) March 23rd, 1975
2x21 Outrage in Balinderry April 19th, 1975
2x22 Steve Austin, Fugitive April 27th, 1975

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Lee Majors Steve Austin
Richard Anderson Oscar Goldman

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Alan Oppenheimer Doctor Rudy Wells
Lindsay Wagner Jaime Sommers

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