Season Four
Six Million Dollar Man
Season Premiere September 19th, 1976
Season Finale March 13th, 1977
Episode Count 23
Cast Lee Majors; Richard Anderson

Season 3



The Six Million Dollar Man is an American action and science fiction television series produced by Universal Network Television and Harve Bennett Productions. Season four of the Six Million Dollar Man aired on ABC from September 19th, 1976 to March 13th, 1977, spanning a total of twenty-three episodes. The two leading cast members from the show, Lee Majors and Richard Anderson, returned for season four reprising their respective roles of Colonel Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman.

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
4x1 The Return of Bigfoot September 19th, 1976
4x2 Nightmare in the Sky September 26th, 1976
4x3 Double Trouble October 3rd, 1976
4x4 The Most Dangerous Enemy October 17th, 1976
4x5 H+2+0=Death October 24th, 1976
4x6 Kill Oscar (Part 2) October 31st, 1976
4x7 The Bionic Boy November 7th, 1976
4x8 Vulture of the Andes November 21st, 1976
4x9 The Thunderbird Connection November 28th, 1976
4x10 A Bionic Christmas Carol December 12th, 1976
4x11 Task Force December 19th, 1976
4x12 The Ultimate Imposter January 2nd, 1977
4x13 Death Probe (Part 1) January 9th, 1977
4x14 Death Probe (Part 2) January 16th, 1977
4x15 Danny's Inferno January 23rd, 1977
4x16 The Infiltrators February 6th, 1977
4x17 Carnival of Spies February 13th, 1977
4x18 U-509 February 20th, 1977
4x19 The Privacy of the Mind February 27th, 1977
4x20 To Catch the Eagle March 6th, 1977
4x21 Ghostly Teletype March 13th, 1977

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Lee Majors Colonel Steve Austin
Richard Anderson Oscar Goldman

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Martin E. Brooks Doctor Rudy Wells
Pamela Hensley Jenny
Stephen Macht Joe Patton
Kim Basinger Lorraine Stenger

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