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"The Bionic Woman Part II" is the twentieth episode of season two of the sci-fi/action television series The Six Million Dollar Man and the thirty-third episode of the series overall (if one includes the three original television movies). It was directed by Dick Moder with a script written by Kenneth Johnson. It first aired on ABC on Friday, March 23rd, 1975.

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  • The Six Million Dollar Man is based on the novel Cyborg by author Martin Caidin.
  • The events from this episode continue from the previous episode. The beginning of this episode includes a recap of events from "The Bionic Woman (Part 1)".
  • Actress Martha Scott is given a "Special Guest Star" credit in this episode.
  • Actor Alan Oppenheimer is given a special "And ALAN OPPENHEIMER as Dr. Rudy Wells" credit in this episode.

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  • Rudy Wells: Jaime's body is producing massive amounts of white blood cells to fight off something foreign in her system.
  • Steve Austin: You mean she has an infection?
  • Rudy Wells: No, it's her bionics, Steve. Jaime's body is rejecting her bionics.



  • Jaime Sommers: Steve... something that Oscar said back there kinda set me thinking...
  • Steve Austin: What's that?
  • Jaime Sommers: Well, about how... uh... my Blue Cross didn't cover bionic reconstruction. Now, who's footing that bill?
  • Steve Austin: Uncle Sam.
  • Jaime Sommers: Well, that's what I thought, but... uh... what exactly is it that Uncle Sam expects in return?
  • Steve Austin: Well, I guess he wants you to be part of the team.
  • Jaime Sommers: How many people are on the team?
  • Steve Austin: Well, Oscar's the head coach, and, so far, I'm the only player.
  • Jaime Sommers: I guess the stakes are pretty high then, huh?
  • Steve Austin: Yeah... very high.


  • Jaime Sommers: Gentlemen, I'm sorry, but I couldn't help overhearing your conversation. The, uh, bionic ear you both gave me.
  • Steve Austin: Jaime...
  • Jaime Sommers: Steve, Oscar and Rudy made me bionic. They saved my life; now I'm going to return that favor.
  • Steve Austin: You haven't had enough time to get used to the bionics.
  • Jaime Sommers: I perform very well under pressure! And you know I've been up against some very stiff competition.
  • Steve Austin: Jaime, this is no tennis match! You hit a ball into this net and you'll get your head blown off!
  • Jaime Sommers: Well, then, I'll just have to aim high and serve nothing but aces.
  • Steve Austin: No deal, Jaime.
  • Jaime Sommers: You can't speak for me. And you can't change the obligation I feel to Oscar and Rudy and the government for making me whole again. I gotta pay my own way.

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